How Do I Get a Copy of my Citizenship Certificate?

To get a copy of your citizenship certificate you must follow the application process for obtaining proof of citizenship. The application process for a Canadian citizenship certificate copy is identical, regardless of the reason for getting a copy. As an exception to this rule, if you are getting a copy of your citizenship certificate because it was lost or stolen, you must inform your local police station of the event.

Make sure that you fill in the application form in full, leaving no question out. If you fail to do so, your application will be returned to you, you will need to re-submit and may need to pay the processing fees all over again.

All applicants who need to get a copy of  the citizenship certificate must complete the following steps:

  • Download, fill out, and sign the Application for a Citizenship Certificate.
  • Provide two proofs of identity containing photos.
  • Attach two photos according to the citizenship photo specifications (do not staple the photos).
  • Provide certified translations of documents that are not in English or French, and an authorization affidavit for the translator, if applicable.
  • Submit copies of the current certificates, if any.
  • Copy of the police report (for lost or stolen citizenship certificates only).
  • Attach proof of parental custody, when applying for your children.
  • Pay the $75 processing fee.
  • Mail the application form and the supporting documents to the relevant processing office in Sydney, Nova Scotia or to the diplomatic mission abroad.


Tips for Completing the Citizenship Certificate Application

It is critical that you complete all fields and check all boxes in the application form to speed up the procedure for getting a copy of your citizenship certificate. If you are not sure how to act and what to write for specific questions, observing the tips below will help you finalize the process in the correct manner without difficulties, preventing application returns or outright refusal.

  1. Provide answers to all questions, even when one does not apply.
  2. When you don’t have an answer to a specific question, complete the field by writing “N/A (not applicable)”.
  3. When the form does not provide enough space to write the answer in full, attach a separate sheet and indicate the number of the question that you are answering. Follow the same procedure when you want to explain your case in detail.


Payment of the Fee to Get a Citizenship Certificate Copy

The $75 processing fee for getting a copy of your Canadian citizenship certificate can be paid online if you are applying from Canada or by following the payment instructions from the respective Canadian embassy, high commission or consulate if you are applying from abroad.

You need to pay a lump sum for all members of your family as a total of each $75 fee. Please note that the fee is non-refundable once application processing has started.

When you complete the payment, use the printed barcode copy of the official receipt issued by IRCC as a proof of payment in your application. Keep a second copy of the receipt for your personal records.