How to Apply for Lost Canadian Citizenship Card

Lost Canadian Citizenship Cards are now replaced with citizenship certificates. As of 2012, Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has abandoned the older versions – the plastic card is no longer issued and IRCC now issues only citizenship certificates.

Regardless of whether your old card or certificate was stolen, lost, mutilated or destroyed, to replace it, you need to apply for new proof of citizenship. If your card was lost, you do not need to inform IRCC, but you need to report the lost card to your local police station. However, if your card was mutilated or destroyed, you must return the original and any pink transmission copies that you still have to IRCC along with your application. If you fail to do so, the application to replace a lost Canadian Citizenship Card will be returned. IRCC will keep the returned copies of your old citizenship document.


Applying for Lost Canadian Citizenship Cards from Inside Versus from Outside Canada

Although the procedure for getting a new citizenship certificate is alike for both applicants in and outside of Canada, there is a difference in the processing office. While applications submitted from Canada and the US are processed in the Case Processing Centre in Sydney, Nova Scotia, applications submitted outside Canada are processed at the nearest Canadian embassy, high commission or consulate.

Before you mail your application, make sure that you follow the parental consent policy for minor applicants if applying for your child, provided evidence of a name change, if needed, and confirm that your Canadian citizenship will not affect your current one, if you are a citizen of another country. You usually don’t need to submit original documentation to apply for a lost Canadian citizenship card or certificate replacement – clear and legible copies are sufficient.

All you need to do to complete the procedure is to observe the IRCC instruction guide, download the application form, include the corresponding documentation, fill out, sign and date the application, pay the $75 replacement fee, and mail the documents to the relevant processing office.


List of Documents to Replace a Lost Canadian Citizenship Card

Unless you decide to use a representative to save time and complete the procedure with the help of an experienced consultant or lawyer, the best way to speed up the lost citizenship card replacement process is to follow the Document Checklist issued by Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada.

The mandatory supporting documents that you need to submit to apply for a lost Canadian citizenship card or certificate include:

Optional documents for persons who have had a sex change include the Statutory Declaration: Request for a Change of Sex Designation and the Support for a change of sex designation on an IRCC document.

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