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Regular processing time for a replacement citizenship certificate application takes 6 months. However, if you can prove that you need your certificate urgently, either to travel or to keep or get a job that requires proof of citizenship, you may be able to apply for an urgent citizenship certificate. Processing times vary, however, in our experience, you will often get your new citizenship certificate in 20-30 business days.


  • Canadian Citizenship Certificate
  • Application reviewed for completeness and filed for urgent processing with CIC
  • Supervision by a Registered Immigration Consultant (RIC)

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Prove Your Citizenship Fast

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We’ll review your application for accuracy and completeness and file it with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

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We’ve filed over 500 Citizenship Certificate Replacements and Amendments over the last decade, including many urgent applications.

Follow the easy 6-step process to get your Canadian Citizenship Certificate

Download the application

Please complete the order form and application forms included in the package.
Make sure to include your telephone number and email address where you
can be contacted.

Fax or email in your application

Fax or scan and email all forms and documents in the document checklist, including proof of urgency, to our office for review at 416-640-2650 or

We Will Contact You

You will be contacted within 1-2 business days regarding your application.
If you have not been contacted after 2 business days, please contact our
office at 1-866-760-2623 to confirm we have received your order.

Provide Original Documents

After we have reviewed your forms and documents, we will advise you to send the original forms and copies of documents to us at 57 Westchester Drive, London, Ontario, N6G 2K6 Please send by Xpresspost. (If you would prefer to send by courier, please call us at 1-866-760-2623 for instructions.)
If you have not yet provided acceptable proof of urgency at this point, we will ask for it now.

Receive your Canadian Citizenship Certificate

If CIC accepted your proof of urgency, you should receive your Citizenship Certificate within a month or two (20-30 business days). However, if CIC rejects your proof of urgency as insufficient, your application will be processed according to the normal schedule.

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Timeline: How Long Does it take?

There is no set timeline for urgent citizenship certificate applications, however in our experience it usually takes about 20-30 business days to receive your certificate.

Why You Need a Citizenship Certificate

(formerly Citizenship Card)

When You Cannot get urgent processing

You want your certificate sooner than in 6 months.
You booked a vacation but need your certificate to get your new passport before you can take the trip.
Your proof of urgency is otherwise unacceptable to CIC.

When You Can get urgent processing

  • You need to travel soon for an emergency, such as a death/funeral, illness in the family or a wedding, and you need your certificate to get your passport, AND you have a purchased ticket.
  • You need the certificate to keep or get a job and you have proof from the employer that you need the certificate by a certain date.

Common questions

Citizenship certificate applications are processed urgently for emergencies only. You will have to prove the emergency to CIC’s satisfaction and you will have to show that you need the certificate within a certain amount of time. Normally there are two acceptable reasons for urgent processing:

  • You need to travel because of a death or illness in the family, or because of an event you must attend, such as a wedding, and you need your certificate to get your passport. You will need to provide proof of a purchased ticket, as well as proof of the emergency.
  • You will either lose your job, or be unable to accept a job offer, because you do not currently possess a citizenship certificate. You need to provide proof of this situation, as well as proof of the deadline for you to get your certificate.

Unfortunately, there is no set timeline and just because you have a purchased ticket does not mean you will get your certificate in time. In IMMIgroup’s experience, urgent processing usually takes 20-30 business days, i.e. 1 month to 6 weeks.

If your proof of urgency is not accepted, your application will be processed according to the normal schedule, meaning your certificate will be ready in about 6 months.

Note that you can always attempt to submit additional proof of urgency.

Why choose us?

  • We have filed more than 500 Canadian Citizenship Certificate applications, including many requests for urgency.
  • We have handled every conceivable type of issue with citizenship certificates, and know exactly what differentiates a successful application from one that will be rejected or abandoned.

Get Your Urgent Proof of Citizenship

Prove Your Canadian Citizenship Now.

We’ll review your application for accuracy and completeness and submit it for urgent processing with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

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Am I Canadian?

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