Can I fix a mistake on a my citizenship card?

Fix a Citizenship Typo

You can fix an error on your citizenship card or certificate. PLEASE NOTE: Fixing your date of birth will cause massive delays in processing time, unless you fix your landing paper first. This is because your Record of Landing/Landing Paper/Confirmation of Permanent Residence is the source of the information on your citizenship certificate (or card).


Error on Citizenship Card

If your Canadian Citizenship Card has a mistake on it, you really should fix it, as IRCC (formerly CIC) stopped issuing the cards in 2012 and there’s no telling where the mistake has made its way to. A mistake on your citizenship card could have made its way onto the following IDs:

  • your driver’s license
  • your passport
  • your health card
  • your SIN Card
  • any employment or student IDs you’ve had
  • and more.

An issue with your ID could cause problems properly identifying you as the person in the ID.

Apply to fix it.

You should double check your other identification to make sure the error on your citizenship card hasn’t found its way onto your other identification.

In order to fix an error on your citizenship card, you will have to complete the replacement citizenship certificate application, the same form you would submit if you lost your card or certificate. Every ID you submit must have the correct information on it. If even one of the IDs you submit contains the same error, you new certificate may be issued with the error still on it.

If the error on your citizenship card resulted from an error on your landing paper, you need to fix that error first. Fix the error on your landing paper. You will need to submit your correct verification of status as part of the application.

You will be issued a citizenship certificate, as the card is no longer issued. If you are amending your birth certificate, you can expect to wait 2 years or more for the new certificate, unless you amend your record of landing first.


Error on Citizenship Certificate

If there’s a mistake on your Canadian Citizenship Certificate, it is likely because there is a mistake on your Record of Landing or Confirmation of Permanent Residence, and you need to fix that first.

If the mistake on your certificate is not on your landing paper or COPR then you can just apply for an amendment of your certificate by completing the same application as you would to replace a lost one. You will need to provide identification that has your correct information on it, and you should make sure that you provide a copy of your landing paper or COPR that has your correct information on it just in case the error is in CIC’s system.

If you are amending an error relating to your date of birth, it could take over 2 years to receive your new certificate, unless you fix your landing paper first.

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