Can I Get My Certificate Urgently?

Urgent Citizenship Certificate

Yes, in some circumstances you can get your citizenship certificate urgently (faster than the 5-6 months normally required). You need to meet the requirements for urgent processing. Acceptable reasons include family and personal emergencies. To do so, you have to provide proof of urgency, i.e. an emergency situation and your need to have the certificate as soon as possible.

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Reasons for Urgency

In order to get your citizenship certificate in less time than 5 months, you need to prove to Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that you need your certificate urgently. Only emergency situations are usually accepted as reasons for urgency.


Family Emergencies

A death in the family, or a serious (potentially life-threatening) illness to a family member plus the need to travel is the most commonly accepted reason for urgent processing of your Canadian citizenship certificate application.


How to Prove Urgency for a Family Emergency

If your family member has died and you need to travel to attend the funeral and/or take care of the estate, or if your family member is near-death, you can can apply for urgent processing. You will need to submit the following documentation along with your citizenship certificate application:

  • Copy of the death certificate (in case of death);
  • Letter from your family member’s doctor or hospital on letterhead (in the case of a serious illness);
  • Proof of your relationship to the family member (long-form birth certificate, for example) – only immediate family members are usually considered for urgent travel;
  • Purchased plane ticket,
  • Letter explaining that you need your citizenship certificate to get your passport to travel to the funeral or to see your relative.



Occasionally, a destination wedding may be accepted as a reason for urgency. In this case, you will need:

  • the wedding invitation with your name on it;
  • a plane ticket;
  • a letter explaining that you need your certificate for your passport application.

Please note that destination weddings are rarely accepted for urgency processing. Urgency processing is at the discretion of the officer.


Personal Emergencies

If you need your citizenship certificate to prove your status in Canada urgently, you may be able to get the application processed faster. An example of this kind of situation would be that you need to prove your citizenship to either accept a job offer or to keep your current job, and you don’t have your citizenship certificate.

If you do not have a citizenship certificate and you need an urgent passport for urgent travel to perform your job, you might also be granted urgency.


How to Prove it
  • Letter from your employer, educational institution, or from the organizing committee of an event you are attending abroad, on company/organization letterhead, stating you need to have your citizenship certificate/passport by a given date (letters without dates are not normally acceptable), and stating the consequences of not providing your proof citizenship/attending the event/etc. (such as losing a business contract, losing your job, etc.);
  • Purchased plane ticket (if applicable);
  • Letter from you explaining why you need your citizenship certificate urgently (to get the job, get your passport, etc).


Submitting Proof of Urgency

If you haven’t yet submitted your application, you need to write “URGENT” in large letters on the front of the envelope you submit your application, and include your proof of urgency in the application package.

If you have already submitted your application, you will need to submit your urgency request with reference to that application, including your Unique Client Identifier (UCI) and your application number, if you know one or both. These should be mentioned in the letter and clearly indicated in or on the package. If you omit both of these numbers from the letter, IRCC will have no way of knowing which file to urgently process.

You should submit an urgent request by courier to this address:

Case Processing Centre, Sydney
Proof of citizenship
49 Dorchester Street
Sydney, NS
B1P 5Z2

Always keep your courier tracking number so you can ensure delivery!


Next Steps

You can follow up on your urgency request in one of two ways:


Online Status Check

To check the status of your application and to see whether or not your application will be processed in time, you should use the online status checker at

You will need to provide information about your application in addition to your personal information in order to access the online portal.

The online portal is not always updated regularly so the information may be out of date or no information may be available online.


By Phone

If you cannot see information about the processing of your application online, you can call Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) at 1-888-242-2100. You will have to navigate the phone system menu and provide information about your application in order to speak to someone.


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