Canadian Citizenship Certificate

If you are a Canadian Citizen but were not born in Canada, the only way you can prove your citizenship is by possessing a Canadian Citizenship Certificate. If you became a citizen by applying for citizenship (you “naturalized”), then you were issued this certificate when you swore the oath. (Before 2012, you would have been issued a wallet-sized card.) If you were born outside of Canada to a Canadian citizen, you need to apply for your certificate.

You need your Citizenship Certificate to get or renew your passport. You may also need it to

  • renew your driver’s license
  • renew your health card
  • enrol in school/college/university
  • begin a new job.


  • Replacement Canadian Citizenship Certificate
  • Application reviewed for completeness and filed with IRCC (formerly CIC)
  • Supervision by a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC)

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Get Proof of Citizenship

Prove Your Status in Canada.

We’ll review your application for accuracy and completeness and file it with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

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Follow the easy 6-step process to get your Citizenship Certificate

Download the application

Please complete the order form and application forms included herein.
Make sure to include your telephone number and email address where you can be contacted.

Fax or email in your application

Fax or scan and email all forms and documents in the document checklist to our office for review at 416-640-2650 or

We Will Contact You

You will be contacted within 1-2 business days regarding your application.
If you have not been contacted after 2 business days, please contact our
office at 1-866-760-2623 to confirm we have received your order.

Provide Original Documents

After we have reviewed your forms and documents, we will advise you to send the original forms and copies of documents to our office at 57 Westchester Drive, London, Ontario, N6G 2K6 Please send by Xpresspost. (If you would prefer to send by courier, please call us at 1-866-760-2623 for instructions.)

Receive your Citizenship Certificate

Our office will contact you when your new citizenship certificate is ready. Your
citizenship certificate may be mailed to our office or your residential address at the discretion of CIC.
Please note that as of February 1, 2012 Citizenship and Immigration Canada no
longer issues Citizenship Cards; all proofs of Canadian Citizenship are issued in the form of paper certificates.

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Timeline: How long does it take?

6 Months
A Citizenship Certificate normally takes six months.However, if you can prove that you need to travel urgently, or you can prove that you will not be able to get a job without being able to prove your citizenship, you may be able to get your certificate sooner.

Why You Need Your Citizenship Certificate

(formerly Citizenship Card)

What You Cannot Use Your Citizenship Certificate for

  • Your Citizenship Certificate is not a travel document. You cannot use it to travel overseas or into the United States.
  • Your Citizenship Certificate is not a photo ID. You cannot use it as proof of your identity and you should not carry it in your wallet or purse.
  • Your Citizenship Certificate is not proof of when you landed in Canada. If you worked in Canada as a Permanent Resident before becoming a citizen, you need to use your Record of Landing or Confirmation of Permanent Residence to prove the length of your presence in Canada, not your Citizenship Certificate.

What You Can Use Your Citizenship Certificate for

  • You need your Citizenship Certificate to get your Canadian Passport. The certificate is the only acceptable proof of citizenship for naturalized Canadians and Canadians not born in Canada.
  • You need your Citizenship Certificate to apply for jobs that are only open to citizens.
  • You need your Citizenship Certificate to vote.
  • You may be required to prove your citizenship when getting other government ID. Only a Citizenship Certificate is proof of your citizenship, not your passport.

Common questions

A Canadian Citizenship Certificate is the only acceptable proof of your citizenship within Canada. A Canadian Passport may not be acceptable proof of citizenship for some government agencies in Canada.

The letter-sized certificate replaced the wallet-sized card in 2012. The card is still usable.

If your certificate was stolen, you need to report it stolen to the police as soon as possible. Whether it was lost or stolen, you need to report the certificate missing to CIC.

You need to apply to replace your Citizenship Certificate as soon as possible, because you cannot get a passport without it.

If there is a mistake on your Citizenship Card or your Citizenship Certificate, you can amend it.

However, you will first have to amend your Record of Landing.

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  • We have filed more than 500 Citizenship Certificate applications.
  • We have handled every conceivable type of issue with Citizenship Certificates – for both naturalized citizens and those born abroad – and know exactly what differentiates a successful application from one that will be rejected or abandoned.
  • IMMIgroup’s success depends on our people. Our firm can only prosper and grow when we continually improve ourselves and the service we perform. However, we recognize that success is not measured only by the number of applications approved. We are measured as much by the way in which we achieve our goals as we are by the actual achievements themselves. We believe that an uncompromising commitment to values and integrity is integral to the goals we hope to achieve.
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Get Proof of Citizenship

Prove Your Status in Canada.

We’ll review your application for accuracy and completeness and file it with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

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Apply for Proof of Citizenship

Your Citizenship Certificate lets you apply for a Canadian Passport, apply for certain jobs and vote, among other things.

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